Website Safety & Payment Providers

At Toonify-me the safety of our customers is paramount which is why we make the promise that we do not store ANY payment information, to ensure that this is the case and to protect our consumers our site is protected by SSL encryption.

We offer two of the biggest & most well known payment providers to ensure that we can take payments worldwide and to give our customers piece of mind that their details are as safe as possible!


The Safer, Easier Way to Pay.

PayPal is perhaps the most most well known & most trusted payment provider in the world with over 20 years of experience protecting customers whilst shopping online while simultaneously ensuring a swift transaction.

shopify payments powered by stripe

Shopify payments is amongst the leaders of customer safety in the payment processing industry with PCI compliance and support for 3D Secure checkouts whilst also providing a gateway to allow us to take all major debit/credit cards such as VISA & Mastercard